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Raybould - 11 August 07:16

Je suis absolument sans complexes! Je veux a toi. Tu Pourras caresser comme vous voulez.

Markita - 9 June 02:47

Pour rejoindre Punakha, nous reprenons la route en direction du chorten de Chendepji par lequel nous étions passé le 4ème jour de ce voyage. Nous repassons également à Trongsa et nous admirons une dernière fois le dzong qui est le plus impressionnant du pays.

Lolita - 30 March 20:48

4 Fear of making a mistake or causing harm due to being incompetent. If it's an unfamiliar situation I do have to make a conscious effort to take action even though I'm afraid I might screw up. The woman having a seizure was the toughest one in that regard because I had no idea what caused it or if she was in life threatening danger, which made taking responsibility in the situation more intimidating.

Digna - 27 June 03:42

If polyamory and the open communication it requires were the norm, I would have gladly accepted the first girl to ask me out, but only on the condition that she understood and accepted my greater affection for my first love. I considered her one of my best friends and did find her attractive. Some of the others who asked me out were sexually attractive too, but there was no further compatibility with them.)

Wertz - 19 April 07:30

However I might need a visual calendar diagram style thing to really understand this whole cycle thing. I am not getting the terminology and it seems like 10 different massive things are happening at the same time. The eggs, possible fertilization, and if not clearing out everything I get. Also changes in hormones, moods and the possible instability. But fitting all the when, what, and how together seems almost impossible, when you do not have any practical experience I have a penis).

Tyrell - 8 September 04:33

Every time I see a hot guy (sometimes a girl and I just go unf!